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US descendants cherished John Sheldon’s memory

Back in 2006, seventh-generation American descendants of an eminent Victorian entrepreneur and manufacturerembarked upon a pilgrimage back to the city of Birmingham, where he made his fortune. the final part of our look at the life of John Sheldon…

The mysterious past of pen maker John Sheldon

John Sheldon was always vague about his age and background giving different dates and places of birth in numerous ‘official documents’ throughout his lifetime…

John Sheldon (1802-1863), pioneering manufacturer

John Sheldon was a pioneering manufacturer and innovator during the early years of the explosive growth in industrial capacity in the city of Birmingham. Innovators such as Sheldon were the catalyst for the rapid expansion of what was soon to become…

From humble beginnings in rural Warwickshire, one Sheldon family grew to become one of the most powerful in England, creating an incredible saga along the way. We follow their rise and fall through 900 years of turbulent history, from a knight in the service of King Edward I, to a Sheldon in Tudor times once described as the “richest commoner in England”.
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Anyone bearing the Sheldon name will find the story of Sarah Sheldon a harrowing one. Even by the often barbaric nature of justice back in 1692, being burnt at the stake over a handful of dud coins seems a punishment out of all proportion. Counterfeiting was a treasonable offence and as such was subjected to the harshest penalties. Convicted males were often hanged, drawn and quartered. Women were spared that; In deference to their ‘dignity’ they were burnt at the stake instead!
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Where Sheldons lived during the reigns of Henry VIII and Elizabeth I

A SEARCH THROUGH the earliest-available parish records from 16th century England gives us a good indication of the geographical distribution of people with the Sheldon surname at the time…