The Sheldon Tapestries

The Sheldon Tapestries marked an attempt by wealthy landowner William Sheldon and his son Ralph to create new rural employment opportunities through the development of new skills imported from continental Europe.

US descendants cherished John Sheldon’s memory

Back in 2006, seventh-generation American descendants of an eminent Victorian entrepreneur and manufacturer embarked upon a pilgrimage back to the city of Birminghamā€¦

The mysterious past of pen maker John Sheldon

John Sheldon was always vague about his age and background giving different dates and places of birth in numerous ‘official documents’ throughout his lifetimeā€¦

John Sheldon (1802-1863), pioneering manufacturer

John Sheldon was a pioneering manufacturer and innovator during the early years of the explosive growth in industrial capacity in the city of Birmingham. Innovators such as Sheldon were the catalyst for the rapid expansion of what was soon to becomeā€¦

William Sheldon (1500-1575) Part one

William Sheldon (1501-1575) lived through one of the most turbulent periods of English history but had the good sense not to publicy commit himself to either side of the great religious divide that caused so many of his contemporaries to lose their headsā€¦

William Sheldon, tram pioneer

WILLIAM HENRY SHELDON,Ā born in Preston, Lancashire, in 1812, became a sufficiently well-known public figure for The London Times newspaper to devote several column inches to his obituary when he diedā€¦